Paycheck Protection Program Tax Documentation

Tax preparation
15 Apr 2020

As you consider applying for the Paycheck Protection Program, please keep in mind that certain documentation is required. We've put together a list of forms that may be requested of you. When applying, choose the forms that are most applicable for your operation to verify your payroll costs and/or net income.

  1. 2019 IRS Form 943 or 941 - total wages subject to Medicare Tax
  2. 2019 detailed payroll reports showing annual earnings of each employee
  3. 2019 IRS Form W3
  4. 2019 employer paid health costs and retirement benefit expenses (exclude any amounts deducted from employee paychecks).
  5. Evidence of any other state or local tax assessed on the compensation of employees, such as state unemployment forms.
  6. Schedule C and/or Schedule F; 
  7. Partnership Tax Return Form 1065
  8. If tax return is not completed, then a Profit/Loss or Income Statement

If you need help with your application, please contact your nearest AgCountry office. 

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