2019 Sugar Beets - Early Harvest Factor

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22 Aug 2019
RMA has implemented procedures that will give you the opportunity to increase your APH for sugar beets. The procedure is called the Early Harvest Factor. These procedures are in effect for pre-harvest lifting prior to October 1. When you harvest more than 10% of the insured acres in the unit you will be allowed to increase the yield by 1% per day for each day beets are harvested prior to October 1. The adjustment cannot result in production to count in excess of your actual production history.

For 2019 the procedures will require the farmer to self-certify the number of acres they pre-haul in each unit if they want to utilize the Early Harvest Factor. Therefore please keep track of how many acres you pre-haul in each unit. Without the number of acres when you report production in November we will not be able to determine if your unit qualifies.

If you have a loss or the potential for a loss it is critical that you report that loss prior to pre-harvest. The adjustment will always be used where applicable unless the beets are damaged by an insurable cause of loss and leaving the beets in the field would reduce the production, for example root rot. This needs to be verified prior to harvest so if you do not turn a claim in prior to pre-harvest the factor will apply.

In Summary:

1. If you suspect you have a loss and do not want the Early Harvest Factor applied turn your loss in immediately. This will give the adjuster the opportunity to determine if there is an exemption from the Early Harvest Factor.

2. Keep track of the number of acres you pre-haul in each unit (section) and keep this information for production reporting. This will enable you to increase your APH by using the Early Harvest Factor.
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Ginger Harris
Written By: Ginger Harris
Sr. Insurance Specialist