Replants: What You Need to Know

Spring planting
14 May 2020

While farmers continue to make planting progress across the region it is always good to have a reminder about what your crop insurance policy covers, especially with some of the below average temperatures we have been seeing. A portion of the insurance policy that is often forgotten about is the replant coverage, which is built into any revenue protection or yield protection policy. Replant is not available on catastrophic crop insurance (CAT) policies. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate the spring season. 

To be considered a replant, an insured must be reseeding the same crop, in the same physical location. So how do you know if you qualify for a replant payment? First and foremost, it is always best to call your agent and walk through the options but here are a few reminders to consider: 

Acreage eligible for replant if:

  • Acreage meets the 20/20 rule (Lesser of 20 acres or 20% of planted acreage in the unit needs to be replanted)
  • It is within 10 days of the final plant date
  • It is physically possible to replant the acreage
  • Seed germination, emergence and formation of a healthy plant is likely
  • Field, soil and growing conditions allow for proper planting and growth to maturity

Acres are NOT eligible for a replant payment if: 

  • Acreage does not meet the 20/20 rule 
  • The appraisal of crop potential exceeds 90% of the guarantee
  • Crop was initially planted prior to the earliest planting date in the Special Provisions
  • One replant payment has already been allowed for the crop year
  • The company determines it is no longer practical to replant

Refer to the chart below to see which crops are eligible for replant and how the payment is calculated:

Crop The Lesser of:


 20% of guarantee  5 bushels
 Buckwheat  20% of guarantee  2 bushels
 Canola  20% of guarantee  175 lbs
 Corn (grain/silage)  20% of guarantee  8 bushels (1 ton for silage)
 Crambe  20% of guarantee  175 lbs
 Dry Beans  20% of guarantee  120 lbs
 Dry Peas  20% of guarantee  200 lbs
 Flax  20% of guarantee  2 bushels
 Oats  20% of guarantee  5 bushels
 Soybeans  20% of guarantee  3 bushels
 Sugar Beets  Actual cost  $110 (max)
 Sunflowers  20% of guarantee  175 lbs
 Wheat  20% of guarantee  4 bushels

Example: Ted Farmer needs to replant 40 acres of corn. He has an APH of 200bu/acre and takes 75% MPCI coverage. 
Guarantee = 200 APH*75% coverage level*$3.88 spring price = $582 guarantee * 20% = $116.40/acre replant payment


8 bushels * $3.88 spring price = $31.00/acre replant payment 

The producer will be paid the lesser of the two options. In this case the farmer would get the $31/acre payment. Replant payments are based on the spring price only. The claim will not be adjusted in the fall when the harvest price is set. 

If you are considering replanting a portion of your acreage, make sure to contact your agent before heading to the field to replant. Authorization must be obtained from the insurance company prior to replanting the crop. If prior authorization is not obtained from the insurance company by your agent, the acreage will be considered destroyed without consent and no payment will be made on those acres.

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