Is Your Crop Covered at the Right Coverage Levels?

Young corn plants sprouting from the ground
17 May 2022

Do you have your unprotected crop value covered with the appropriate hail insurance? With current markets higher than the spring revenue prices there is room for potential profit above-average crop values.

2022 MPCI Price Elections

Crop Price
 Barley $5.35
 Corn $5.90
 Dry Beans - Blacks $.39/lb
 Dry Beans - Dark Red Kidney $.44/lb
 Dry Beans - Pea (Navy) $.39/lb
 Dry Beans - Pinto $.37/lb
 Soybeans $14.33
 Sunflower Oil $.324/lb
 Sunflowers - Confectionery $.405/lb
 Wheat $9.19

How do you know if you have adequate hail insurance above your multi-peril crop insurance coverage? We can help you analyze your crop to be sure you are comfortable with the coverage you have in place. If you have an Enterprise Unit structure on your multi-peril policy, you may want to consider increasing the amount of hail coverage since hail losses are determined per field.

An example of our Hail Plan Analyzer  


This is just an example of one crop, but it gives you an idea of the potential crop value with today’s opportunity prices. There is not one hail plan that is right for everyone, so you should be sure that you are analyzing your coverage yearly based on your operation and market prices. Also, if coverage levels are within the authorized insurance providers’ crop limits, you can increase your coverage as the growing season continues before a hailstorm happens at your farm. Whether you like to carry a deductible plan or a companion plan, let us help you figure out what is best for your operation. 

On a side note, please keep in mind that Prevented Planting coverage is included in your multi-peril insurance policy. The Prevented Planting payment is based strictly on the projected prices that are noted above for Revenue Protection and Yield Protection policies. A Prevented Planting payment on a small grain crop is 60% of your guarantee, corn is 55% of your guarantee, dry beans are 50% of your guarantee, and sugar beets and potatoes are 45% of your guarantee on unplanted acres. 
Please reach out to your local AgCountry office to visit specifically on any questions you have regarding your crop insurance policies. 


Amber Petry
Written By: Amber Petry
Insurance Specialist/Branch Manager - Crookston