Agribusiness Loans

AgCountry Farm Credit Services offers services for agribusinesses across multiple facets of agriculture.

AgCountry offers agribusinesses:

  • Competitive interest rates among various rate products (fixed, variable, adjustable) 
  • Seasonal loans, term loans, and leases  
  • Risk analysis and risk management tools 
  • Assistance in developing policies and procedures for inventory and accounts receivable management to improve profitability 
  • Agent services for capital market access
  • Consultation regarding business entity structure and capitalization

Eligible businesses include:

  • Ag processing and marketing entities: Agribusinesses involved in basic processing of ag production, storage, transportation and/or marketing. 
  • Large, complex commercial agricultural enterprises: Operations involved in production agriculture which may have vertical and/or horizontal integration into related enterprises. 
  • Farm-related businesses: An individual or organization that furnishes services directly related to production agriculture.
  • Elevators, farm supply companies, implement dealers, ethanol facilities, commercial livestock operations, as well as many other ag-related businesses.

Loan Participations and Syndications

 Loan Participations and Syndications Can:

  • Facilitate the sharing of credit expertise 
  • Help meet the needs of your larger customers 
  • Enhance the quality of service to the agricultural and agribusiness sector 
  • Diversify your portfolio risk 
  • Contribute to your overall profitability 
  • Provide additional options for your customers 
  • We offer participation at any level.

Our capital base allows us to participate at a level higher than many financial institutions

  • We’re experienced with both large and small credit transactions. 
  • We have alliance partners that allow us to purchase interests up to $50 million.

Our capacity to participate in larger amounts reduces your administration and paperwork, saving you time and money.