Getting Started with Starting Gate

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25 Apr 2023

AgCountry's Starting Gate program is embarking on new business ventures with the future of agriculture. The purpose of Starting Gate is to help young or beginning farmers and ranchers get started in their farming careers. 


We understand access to competitively priced capital and the traditional down payment requirements are obstacles young or beginning farmers and ranchers face when starting their farm business. The Starting Gate program was created to solve these challenges through a combination of relaxed down payment requirements and underwriting, competitive interest rates, and limited fees.

Educational and Financial Services incentives are offered, which range from invitations and/ or scholarships to attend training and educational seminars, reduced tax and farm accounting service fees, and reduced succession and retirement consultation fees.

AgCountry understands the importance of getting the next generation started and is focused on being a long-term partner in assisting with the success of the business. As an ag co-op, our focus is providing value that benefits young or beginning farmers and ranchers.

Leveraging Relationships

We explore all options – both internally and externally – to provide the best possible solution to young or beginning farmers and ranchers. This means partnering with FSA on direct and participation loan financing options as well as FSA Guarantees, when appropriate. Utilizing state programs such as the Minnesota Rural Financing Authority (RFA) and the Bank of North Dakota are also options that we explore when discussing loan packages.

AgCountry is dedicated to the success of your operation and will work with you to meet your unique financing and financial service needs. We take pride in building long-term relationships by keeping our focus on you.

If you are interested in learning more about AgCountry’s Starting Gate program, please talk to your loan officer. They will be available to walk you through your options.

Program based on availability.

Scott D Anderson
Written By: Scott Anderson
VP Loan Officer - Marshall