Mental Health Resources for Farmers

Tools - Mental Health Resources for Farmers

Agriculture can be an isolated job at times leading farmers and ranchers to experience increased stress levels.

This added stress can negatively impact a person’s mental health. At AgCountry, we want to see our patrons succeed.

It is important to be observant, both for yourself and those around you. It is possible that a family member or neighbor is in need of help, but doesn’t know where to turn. Changes in a person’s mental health status don’t typically happen overnight. There are almost always early signs of trouble. Here are a few to look for:

  • Feeling anxious or worried 
  • Feeling depressed
  • Emotional outbursts 
  • Problems sleeping
  • Dramatic changes in weight or appetite  
  • Isolation
  • Substance abuse
  • Feelings of failure

Please know that you are not alone. Resources do exist for those in need. We have assembled a list of contact information below for each of our respective states to assist with farmers and ranchers who have fallen on difficult times.

Additionally, it may also help you gain greater context on this issue by listening to one of our podcasts, which focuses specifically on mental health within farming. You can listen by clicking hereThe Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the Red River Farm Network also have a podcast series called TransFARMation that is designed to increase awareness and reduce inhibitions about acknowledging farm stress, as well as highlight the resources available. 



Minnesota Department of Agriculture - Coping with farm and Rural Stress; Farm and Rural Hotline – (833) 600-2670

Farmer-Lender Mediation – (218) 935-5785

Minnesota Farm Advocates – (800) 967-2474 

Minnesota State Northern Agricultural Center for Excellence - Mental Health 

Minnesota State Southern Agricultural Center for Excellence - Mental Health  


North Dakota

Mental Health America of North Dakota – (701) 255-3692

North Dakota Mediation Service – (844) 642-4567 or (701) 328-4567

North Dakota Farm Management Education – (701) 328-3179

FirstLink Hotline – 2-1-1 or (701) 235-7335 



Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Farm Center – (800) 942-2474

Wisconsin Farm Mediation and Arbitration Program – (800) 942-2474 or (608) 224-5138

Financial Counseling and Transition Planning – (800) 942-2474 or (608) 224-5012

Farmer Wellness Program - (Includes counseling vouchers, tele-counseling & online support groups) (800) 942-2474

24/7 Farmer Wellness Helpline – (888) 901-2558 or if you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, call 9-8-8 immediately

National Farm Medicine Center – (800) 662-6900 or (715) 389-4999