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Keeping your goals in mind, our Succession and Retirement program can help you with estate and retirement planning, transitioning your operation to the next generation, and more.

Our Succession and Retirement program can help you:

  • Transition your farming operation to the next generation.
  • Control income and estate taxes and administrative costs.
  • Treat family members fairly.
  • Build a transition plan which will work in prosperous and lean times.
  • Plan for a secure retirement.
  • Build an estate plan to ensure all of your planning efforts come together.
  • Get the most from your operation's entity, or explore other business entity options.

When you schedule your first one-on-one consultation, a questionnaire and checklist will be mailed to you. The checklist will tell you which documents to bring to your appointment. The questionnaire is designed to be thought-provoking and to give the consultant the information needed to customize your plan.

Our Agribusiness Consultant will review your financial information and together you will define your goals. If you are planning to have your child(ren) take over the farm, a meeting will take place with those parties as well. When all parties have agreed to a satisfactory plan, our consultant will coordinate the legal and financial documentation.

After the plan is in place, you may also use the consultant to initiate changes or to periodically review your plan.

We do not sell insurance, trusts, investments, annuities or any other similar products related to this service. We simply provide advice with your best interests in mind. Fees for the service are charged at an hourly rate.