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Starting Gate - Designed for the future of agriculture 

Our focus is providing young or beginning farmers with unique and preferential financing. The AgCountry YBF Starting Gate program offers young or beginning farmers a comprehensive suite of services designed to maximize their success. With Starting Gate, you'll receive: 

  • Special exceptions to credit underwriting.
  • Special pricing considerations when personal guarantees are provided to reduce loan risk.
  • Special pricing on AgCountry records programs.
  • Introductory business transition planning sessions.
  • Scholarships for continuing farm management education.
  • Loan officer time devoted to doing financial analysis of past years and projections.
Are You Eligible for Starting Gate?

YES, if you are a farmer, rancher or producer with 10 years or less of farming or ranching experience, or are age 35 or younger.

Credit Standards

Exceptions may be made to credit standards, such as owner equity and working capital ratios, capital debt repayment capacity and collateral levels, when circumstances merit. Each situation will be considered on an individual basis. Loan officers will look for a sound business plan with projections.

Pricing Considerations

Rates are determined by your financial position. However, we have special pricing options available under certain limitations:

  • For young and beginning farmer loans with a personal guarantee, we will provide a rate consistent with the added strength of the personal guarantee.
  • Government guaranteed loans also have a specific pricing advantage.
Loan Guarantee Assistance

We can assist qualified farmers in obtaining loan guarantees available through the Farm Service Agency farm loan program. If the services of an outside firm are used to prepare the guarantee application packet, we will pay up to $300 of the fee charged by the outside firm. (Limited to one time per year per borrower.)

Financial Service Assistance

A three-year incentive will be offered to those who use our records program in conjunction with a loan relationship.

Business Education Reimbursement

Scholarships are available to young and beginning farmers for appropriate farm/business management classes or self study materials.

Looking For More Information?

Click here to request more information on our YBF Starting Gate program.