A barbed wire fence line
06 Sep 2021
An entire book can be written about all aspects of land titling, management, and protection. Click here as we explore on the more common ways we see individuals titling and transferring land via their estate.
Hay bales in field
17 Aug 2021
The last 16 months has shown how unpredictable life can be. When it comes to your farm finances, prioritizing prepays at yearend usually has a positive return on investment in more than one way while providing balance sheet working capital for financial strength to your farm and some security for the unknown future. Learn more by clicking here. 
Combines working in a corn field during harvest
16 Aug 2021
It's been a tough year for many farmers and ranchers throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Extreme drought conditions have left many producers in a difficult spot. Click here as we walk you through different scenarios in how your crop insurance policy will work with your marketing efforts. 
11 Aug 2021
Harvest is nearing and farmers are starting to think about their crop insurance policies. Click here to check out estimates for barley and wheat. 
Capitol at night
10 Aug 2021
The U.S. Senate has passed a roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package. Find how what's next by clicking here.