A man doing bookwork with calculator
12 Jul 2023
Creating an annual cash flow projection is accomplished by identifying and understanding when cash is coming in and when cash is going out. 
Graduation tassel hat on top of money
10 Jul 2023
Ten college students have been awarded a $1,000 upperclassmen scholarship from AgCountry. 
A corn field damaged by hail
21 Jun 2023
Hailstorms can pop up at any given time in our region and damage, even destroy, a crop in minutes and affect your bottom line. Insuring your crop early in the year does not cost you any more money. 
20 Jun 2023
The West Central Research and Outreach Center will soon be getting technology upgrades thanks to a recent donation from AgCountry Farm Credit Services.
Cattle grazing under a cloudy sky
15 Jun 2023
Dry weather has offered regional farmers the opportunity to expedite spring planting. Click here to learn more about recent weather patterns.