Cattle grazing under a cloudy sky
21 Oct 2022
The first week of October proved to be the driest in over 30 years across the corn belt. Drought conditions have expanded from the central United States. Take a look at what may be coming by clicking here. 
Dad & son in the field after bailing
18 Oct 2022
The winners of the 2022 AgCountry photo contest have been selected! Click here to see the top three photos. 
Three farmers
18 Oct 2022
Strategic planning is essential to all businesses and agriculture is no exception to that. Planning in this higher inflation and interest rate market challenges producers even more than normal. Click here to read more. 
A deer stand at the edge of a field
14 Oct 2022

Hunting and recreational land tends to change hands frequently in the fall. These land purchases are investments, as well as memory makers, that can involve strong emotions and have a lasting impact for years to come. Learn more by clicking here. 

A pasture with dry, cracking ground
12 Oct 2022
Pasture, Rangeland, Forage insurance policies can help protect farmers and ranchers from everything nature throws at them. Learn more about a PRF policy by clicking here.