Farm Loans

Operating, real estate, equipment, and more. You’ll find the customized agricultural loan you want at AgCountry.

Operating & Intermediate Term Loans

  • Short-term and intermediate term loans are available to help you run your farm.
  • Operating loans can be capital for the purchase of such things as fertilizer, chemicals, seed, machinery, livestock and for personal living expenses. 
  • The advances and payment schedule can be tailored to your own operation, but usually repayment is based on a 12-month cycle for operating loans and three to seven years for intermediate term loans, with 10-year loans available for some purposes. 
  • Lines of credit can be set up on an annual basis for an established amount of dollars or on an open-ended basis in which customers can draw on the line of credit when needed.
  • Ask about our Disbursement Card option, which can be used to conveniently pay farm expenses from your operating loan. 

Real Estate Loans

  • Long-term mortgage loans provide a stable source of capital for financing rural real estate assets – farmland or facility purchases. Agricultural real estate with recreational applications is also eligible.
  • Funds can be used to make improvements to farmland and agricultural structures, replace working capital or refinance prior debt, or for nearly any purpose if you’re a full-time farmer. Loan terms range between 10 and 30 years and can be fully amortized over the term of the loan.  
  • Your payments are managed by matching our flexible terms to your debt repayment capacity. We also offer assistance in working with local attorneys, abstractors and realtors, along with expert appraisals from our team of certified, professional appraisers.
  • Part-time and non-farmers may qualify for loans. If you own or are purchasing farm real estate, you are eligible for a real estate loan.

 Machinery and Equipment Loans

  • Intermediate term loans are available to farmers, timber producers, food processors and other eligible agribusinesses to cover the purchase of new and used equipment and machinery, and other purposes.
  • Loan terms and repayment schedules are matched to the loan purpose and the income cycle of the borrower.

Construction Loans

  • Construction loans are available with a variety of rate options and repayment schedules and are tailored to meet your expansion needs.
  • Loans are available for such things as machine sheds, livestock housing facilities and other farm structures.