A vehicle driving through snow on a winter road
21 Apr 2023
Due to poor weather conditions, multiple offices are closed or opening late. 
Cattle grazing under a cloudy sky
20 Apr 2023
After three years of La Niña, things are shifting. Atmospheric and oceanic changes are promoting the return of El Niño in 2023, and these variations will likely intensify by next winter.
A vehicle driving through snow on a winter road
17 Apr 2023
Due to poor weather, multiple offices are closed. 
Water standing in a flooded field
12 Apr 2023
With an extended winter, farmers in the northern U.S. may be getting a late start to planting. When conditions are too wet and time has run out, Prevented Planting is an option in your MPCI policy that kicks in. 
Graduation tassel hat on top of money
06 Apr 2023
AgCountry Farm Credit Services is awarding $50,000 to high school recipients in 2023. Click here to see the full list of recipients.