Board Members

Leif Aakre - Chair of the Board

Leif is from Stephen, Minnesota, where he has farmed since 1979. He raises soybeans, wheat and seed production. He has served on the AgCountry Board of Directors since 2011 and serves on the Minnesota Farm Credit Legislative Committee.

Ed Hegland - Vice Chair

Ed Hegland is Owner and Manager of Hegland Farms of Appleton, Inc., a cash grain farm in Lac Qui Parle County, MN. He began farming in 1992 as part of a family farm corporation with his parents. They raise corn, soybeans and wheat using strip-till, no-till and other conservation measures. He's a member of and has held leadership roles in a variety of ag-related associations and organizations. 

Suzanne Allen - Appointed Outside Director

Suzanne is the CFO of Compudyne, a technology company that strategically and efficiently manages business IT needs. Prior to that, she was VP and Treasurer of Otter Tail Corporation, a diversified publicly traded company, VP Finance and Accounting of Aevenia, an energy and and electrical construction company, and VP Finance and Accounting of TO Plastics, a company that produces thermo-formed products and packaging solutions. 

Justin Dagen - Director

Justin lives near Karlstad, MN, where he has farmed since 1975.  He farms with his two sons, who represent the 6th generation to operate Dagen Heritage Farms. They have a diversified cash crop operation that specializes in seed potatoes.

Kurt Elliott - Director

Kurt is from Blanchard, ND, and began farming in 1988. He currently farms corn and soybeans, is a part of Tri-E Simmentals (purebred operation), and also has cattle in his family's 3,200 acre feedlot. He and his wife also operate a vineyard as their hobby farm. 

Mark Ellison - Director

Mark is from  Elbow Lake, MN, and began farming in 1983.  He and his wife are part of the fourth generation to operate on the family farm in Grant County, and do so along with his brother and parents.  The operation has evolved from a crop/livestock operation to a  corn and soybean farm.  He has served on the Board of Directors since 1995, and is a former Chairman and Vice Chairman. He is also a past chairman of the 7th Farm Credit  District Federation and Minnesota Farm Credit Federation, and has served on the AgriBank District Farm Credit Federation and on the AgriBank District Farm Credit Council.

Scott Gerbig - Director

Scott Gerbig is from Gleason, WI, and began farming full-time in 1994. He farms with his wife, parents and brother. They currently have 150 milk cows, plus replacement heifers. They crop farm 600 acres to supply hayage, corn silage and high moisture shell corn for their herd. 

Jack Hansen - Appointed Outside Director

Jack Hansen was the President of Norwest Bank in Hillsboro, ND, prior to his retirement in 1998.  He was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2000.

James (Jim) Jarvis - Director

Jim Jarvis is from Wautoma, WI, and began farming with his wife in 1973. They were dairy farmers for 35 years, and also raised beef cattle (cow/calf) and Belgian Draft horses. They currently farm with their son, raising small grains, hay and timber. He has served as Chair of the Wisconsin Farm Credit Legislative Committee, the AgriBank District Farm Credit PAC Committee and the AgriBank District Nominating Committee. 

Michael Long - Director

Michael lives near Berlin, ND, and began farming with his dad on a diverse dairy in 1980.  They ran the dairy until 2000 when they built up the beef cow/calf herd and built a feedlot, which he currently operates. He also raises corn, soybeans and alfalfa.  Michael has served on the Board of Directors since 1997, and is a member of the North Dakota Farm Credit Council.

Greg Nelson - Director

Greg and his family live near Milnor, ND, where he grew up on a dairy and small grain farm.  He graduated from NDSU in 1993 and started farming full time with his dad, making it a fourth-generation family farm.  He raises wheat, soybeans and corn.  He joined the Board of Directors in 2008.

William (Bill) Oemichen - Appointed Outside Director

Bill is the Director of the Office of Preparedness & Emergency Healthcare for the State of Wisconsin, an attorney, and retired CEO of Cooperative Network.  He is currently the Board Chair of Wisconsin College Savings Program 529 and SeventhWave, as well as current Board Member and Audit Committee Chair of FCC Services. He also serves as Treasurer of the Board of Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin and as a current member of the U.S. Selective Service Board for Wisconsin. 

Lynn Pietig - Director

Lynn Pietig has lived and worked on a farm her entire life. She and her husband have lived on the farm she grew up on in Morgan, MN, since 1988, where they raise field corn, sweet corn, soybeans, peas and beef cattle.  She has owned and operated a tax and accounting practice since 1989. 

Greg Sabolik - Director

Greg lives near Kensington, MN, and took over the family dairy operation in 2000.  He also runs a crop operation in partnership with his brother. They raise corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

Brad Sunderland - Director

Brad Sunderland is from Maynard, MN, where he has farmed with family members since 1977. They raise corn and soybeans, and also finish hogs. He has been an FCS director since 1993 and has served as both Chair and Vice-Chair. Brad has also served in leadership roles in various civic and ag organizations. 

Mary Kay Van Der Geest - Director

Mary Kay Van Der Geest lives in Merrill, WI. She and her husband began farming in 1969 with 17 cows and a wood stall barn. Over the years they have evolved to now milk approximately 3,000 cows. She currently operates the dairy as a corporation with her son and their long-time herd manager, where she manages the day to day business and financial operations. They also grow corn, alfalfa, wheat and soybeans on approximately 5,000 acres of owned and rented land.

Dale Zahradka - Director

Dale Zahradka of Lankin, ND, began farming in 1986.  He and his wife raise a combination of cash grains with assistance from their children.  Dale also owns a grain elevator that does custom drying of local crops.  He has served on the Board of Directors since 2002 and has been a past Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board.

Mike Zenker - Director

Mike was elected to the Board of Directors in 2015. He began farming in 2008 with his brother near Gackle, ND, where they currently raise corn, soybeans and barley. Mike has several years of experience in the finance industry and has operated his own seed dealership since 2012. 

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