How AgCountry Protects our Customers

Protecting your personal information is top priority at AgCountry. Our Association strives to follow ever-changing best practices that have been proven effective by the financial industry including:

  • TRAINING - All staff participate in routine training on keeping our customers’ information protected and potential threats that could lead to a security breach.
  • IDENTITY VERIFICATION - When you enroll in or contact AgCountry’s Online Services, AgCountry staff will take steps to verify your identity.
    • Furthermore, when we receive a request to process a wire or ACH to an unknown party, an Electronic Funds Transfer agreement must be completed and signed by the primary borrower. In addition, AgCountry will take steps to authenticate all EFT agreements. Any online requests to change an email, physical address, or update a phone number are verified to ensure legitimacy of the request.
  • AUTHENTICATION - When accessing your accounts online, you will be required to enter a secure code provided to you on a registered phone number, as a secondary method of authentication.
    • Furthermore, our system will block access after too many incorrect sign in attempts. You can unlock your account by contacting AgCountry Online Services (855-402-7849 or AgCountry Online Services will verify your identity before resetting a password.
  • SECURE MESSAGING - AgCountry staff communicate electronically using secure messaging through the My AgCountry portal. This service encrypts email exchanges, mitigating the potential a hacker could be ‘eavesdropping’. Secure Messaging is required when sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including but not limited to Social Security Numbers, Employer ID Numbers, Loan/Account Numbers, Bank Account Numbers and other confidential or sensitive content.
    • AgCountry IT department also utilizes software internally restricting staff from sending out highly sensitive information through non-encrypted email exchanges.

These security practices, in addition to others, are monitored to secure your sensitive data and protect you from fraudulent activity.