Snow covered road
25 Mar 2024
Due to poor weather conditions, multiple offices are closed or opening at 10 am today. 
Plowed field
21 Mar 2024
February ranked in the top three all-time warmest February’s on record over the past 150 years. The month also ranked in the top three all-time driest February’s on record. Click here to learn more. 
Young plants with a growing trajectory line above them
19 Mar 2024
Throughout history, global agricultural commodity prices and production have been affected by a myriad of factors that have a very well-defined statistical, cyclical, and correlated historical DNA backdrop. Learn where we stand within the cycles by clicking here. 
USDA logo on computer screen
18 Mar 2024
All eyes were again fixed on a highly anticipated decrease in South America’s corn and soybean production estimates. The report showed little change in South American production estimates, but the market is trying its hardest for a reversal by believing South America’s crop isn’t as big as the USDA is estimating.
Farmer loading seed in planter
15 Mar 2024
The latest edition of AgCountry's Plant Magazine is now available. Click here to read the digital copy!