A shiny new tractor
21 Nov 2023
Leasing is one of the most important financial tools available to farmers and ranchers. There are many advantages to leasing as opposed to an outright purchase, including working capitol preservation, accelerated tax write-offs, and estate planning.
Cattle grazing under a cloudy sky
16 Nov 2023
El Niño continues to strengthen and now threatens to challenge historical intensity standards. We may start seeing its effects in early 2024. 
Dairy Cows
15 Nov 2023
Dairy farming can be a risky business. Dairy Revenue Protection is an insurance option that can help dairy farmers manage risk. 
USDA logo on computer screen
13 Nov 2023

We have a better idea of where we stand among commodity prices as harvest wraps up. Take a look at the latest USDA estimates by clicking here. 

2023 Photo contest winners
08 Nov 2023
Click here to see the winning photos of the 2023 AgCountry Photo Contest!